Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Objectivity

The Australian public spends close to $1 billion on its public broadcaster to deliver accurate, impartial and objective news and information.

Date added: December 04, 2020
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Under the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Act 1983, the ABC Board is bound to "maintain the independence and integrity of the Corporation" and to ensure that "the gathering and presentation by the Corporation of news and information is accurate and impartial according to the recognized standards of objective journalism."

Yet, time and time again, the ABC fails this important obligation and community expectation.

One example of this failure is the blatant censoring of a parliamentary speech given by Nicolle Flint, the member for Boothby, who was highlighting the horrendous "rape culture" that exists in some aboriginal communities as Chris Kenny explained on Sky News.

This is the first time that all Australians have an opportunity to have a greater say in how the ABC functions, starting with the question of left-wing bias.

To what extent do you AGREE/DISAGREE with the statement that the ABC is complying with the requirement of its charter to be accurate, impartial and objective?

This survey is open only to Australian residents.

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