Trruster, the world’s first reputation search engine, launched

Announcing Corporate Social Responsibility as the new media funding model that empowers people to make a difference.

Date added: November 11, 2019
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Media Release

November 11, 2019 – Sydney, Australia. Trruster, the world’s first reputation search engine, was officially launched today. The concept of a reputation search engine aims squarely at resolving some of the biggest challenges of the information age, including “fake news”, access to information and how the distribution of information is funded. It is also about realizing the promise of technology, which is the empowerment of people to make a difference through the concept of non-anonymous feedback.

“If information is the lifeblood of the modern world, then we need three things. We need a way to determine trustworthiness. We need to ensure that everyone, everywhere can access vital information freely and openly. And, finally, we need to resolve the question of who pays for information?” says George Matafonov, CEO and founder of Trruster.

Trruster provides the mechanism to resolve all three challenges. It addresses the scourge of “fake news” by providing a central resource for determining trustworthiness, maintained by feedback from real people whose identity has been verified.

“Anonymous feedback was fun when the online world was separate from the real world. The online world is now an integral part of the real world, where the most important guide to civil behavior is our reputation. It is logical to extend the same civility guide to online behaviour. This is a much better alternative to regulation, political correctness or the crazy free-for-all that currently exists,” says Matafonov.

Trruster solves the problem of who pays for information by including a corporate social responsibility component in its Business & Group subscription fee, equal to 1% of annual revenue. This revenue will then be used to pay content producers as an alternative to paywall subscriptions.

This is the Netflix concept for media distribution. The big difference is that Trruster leverages corporate social responsibility to bring down the consumer cost to just $1 per month, while ensuring that content producers are adequately rewarded.

The business community is expected to begin subscribing with the establishment of a new consumer habit of checking on Trruster before making any purchase decision.

“This is the great benefit of a market economy. The business community responds to market signals and we are about to send one of the biggest signals of all time,” says Matafonov.

“The business community spends anywhere between 5%-15% of revenue on advertising, promotion and customer retention, so 1% is not out of the question. Business leaders will quickly realize that the return on investment with Trruster is not only greater than chasing eyeballs with the tech giants but also less socially corrosive because it preserves rather than destroys privacy,” he adds.

"Ultimately, Trruster represents the means to realize the promise of technology, which is the empowering of people to make a difference, not just at election time but on an ongoing, issue-by-issue basis," says Matafonov.

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Special Offer to Media Publishing Organizations

For a limited time, we are offering the introductory subscription fee of just US$87 per month, instead of the 1% of annual revenue for media publishers. This is one-time opportunity to lock-in this introductory pricing.

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