George Matafonov

Date added: July 10, 2019

Location: Sydney, Australia

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I am the CEO and founder of Trruster.

This project is shaped, to a great extent, by my family history of fleeing from communism. My grandparents fled Soviet Russia, settling in large communities across the border in China. We had to flee again following the communist revolution in China and settled in a remarkable country called Australia, which I am proud to call home.

The tragedy of Russia was not just the tyranny and barbarism of totalitarianism in which over 20 million Russian died needlessly, but also the social tragedy of the experiment of trying to expunge the Orthodox Church from Russian society branding it as the “opiate of the people”.

What the Soviets failed to understand was the role of religion in society as an integral part of the socialization process of positive behavior through its teachings, rituals, rites and pastoral guidance. As a result, it promoted monsters into positions of power and unleashed unimaginable suffering on millions of Russians.

Today, Russian is in a middle of religious revival, but this is too little too late, given the advent of the secular society.

In the West, the advent of the secular society also left a void with regard to standards of behaviour and this void was, unfortunately, filled by the market philosopy promoting greed as a good and selfishness as a virtue. This is also coming to a tipping point that could undermine the very foundations of modern liberal democracies everywhere.

But all is not lost, because technology is inadvertently restoring the socialization process of positive behavior through the feedback mechanisms of online services like ridesharing.

Trruster builds on this development to create a secular form of socialization of positive behavior as a basis for a new type of economy and society.

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