Group Member

A Group Member account is perfect for larger business and non-business groups.

Special Offer

For a limited time we are offering an 60% discount on membership to encourage early adopters.

You can take advantage of this opportunity as follows:

  1. Calculate 40% of your gross annual revenue.
  2. Enter this amount in the revenue estimate in the application form.
  3. Join by paying the calculated monthly amount.


  1. This offer is available only to media publishers.
  2. The discount will apply for the life of the membership.
  3. Your revenue estimate is subject to verification as per our Terms and Conditions.

Group Member Account

Our Group Plan is designed for larger business and non-business groups. A personal account is not required in order to create a Group Member account.

The subscription fee is 1% times the annual revenue (income from all sources before tax and costs) per year, payable monthly.

Annual revenue in US dollars

Enter revenue for last completed financial year or estimate for current full year. (Subject to verification.)