Economic Reset: Business Social Responsibility Funding the Nonprofit Sector

Expanding the obligation of business beyond delivering profits to include the funding of the nonprofit sector

Date added: August 09, 2021

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To what extent do you AGREE/DISAGREE with extending business social responsibility to include the funding of the nonprofit sector?

The narrow focus on tackling climate change through climate policy has enabled big business to shirk its social and environmental responsibility by hiding behind ESG statements that sound grand but actually contribute very little, if anything, towards resolving some of the world's most pressing problems and challenges, including climate change.

ESG, which stands for Environmental, Social and Governance, has been characterized as a fresh coat of green paint on business-as-usual, in order to give the appearance of sustainable development and social responsibility.

Systemic Change Social Responsibility (SCSR) is the evolution of ESG into something practical, measurable and standardized across different sectors. As such, it is the new measure of social and environmental sustainability.

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