Your invitation: We are moving to a people-first economy. Join us!

Peace, prosperity and justice for all, finally.

George Matafonov, CEO & Founder Trruster

"Technology now opens the way for us to unite behind the most basic and common dream of all humanity – peace, prosperity and justice for all."

Increasingly it seems there is more that divides us than unites us.

Politically, socially and economically.

But not for too much longer.

Technology now opens the way for us to unite behind the most basic and common dream of all humanity – peace, prosperity and justice for all.

This dream transcends national borders, race and ethnicity.

It is the beating heart of every religion.

It is the dream that sustains all of us and it is now within our collective reach.


By expanding the responsibility of corporations beyond just returning profits to share holders to include social responsibility in a practical and tangible way.

In short, by democratizing economic power for a people-first economy.


Simply put, economic power is the power of people working together for the common good.

Individually we would struggle to build a mud hut.

Working together we can build skyscrapers and even reach for the stars.

And here is the challenge of the ages.

Who decides what is the common good and how do we achieve it?


In the past, kings have claimed the power to make decisions on our behalf as a divine right.

Dictators have grabbed this power through terror, murder and subjugation.

Today, we hand that power to politicians who we trust will act in our best interest.

But they are increasingly failing for one simple reason – national governments are powerless in the face of the forces that are shaping the global economy.

This is a global problem requiring a global solution.

The good news is that technology offers a global solution by democratizing economic power so it actually works in the common interest to achieve our collective dream of peace and prosperity for all.

We can now tackle poverty and inequality because we now have a better way to share in global prosperity.

We now have the means to tackle climate change by accelerating the transition to renewable energy, on a global basis.

We can finally stop religion being hijacked by extremists who fan the flames of injustice in their pursuit of personal power in the name of their god.

We can now silence the politicians who divide, marginalize and demonize for political gain.

We now have a safe place to discuss issues away from the haters, the trolls and paid PR bots to arrive at solutions together, not just rage impotently in feedback echo chambers.

And we now have a way to make our political representatives accountable not just at election time, but on an ongoing, issue-by-issue basis.

Yes, it is true.

Peace, prosperity and justice for all is now within our collective reach.

The hippies dreamed.

The politicians promise.

Technology delivers and the future beckons.

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See our founding essay entitled: Democratizing Economic Power for a People-first Economy, for more details.