Proposal: The Great Economic Reset AU

Australia set to lead the world into a greener, fairer and more smarter post-industrial economy and society


"It is expected that over time, over US$1 trillion will be distributed to nonprofit organizations annually, under the supervision and guidance of the Archewell Foundation."

PROPOSAL: The Australian Prime Minister and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex jointly launch The Great Reset AU campaign. The campaign will kick-off with an initial US$5 billion dollar allocation to nonprofit organizations in association with the Archewell Foundation.

Australia is ideally placed to trigger The Great Reset with a practical three-step process made possible by a new online service called Trruster - the world's first reputation search engine based in Australia.

The three steps include:

1. Expanding the concept of corporate social responsibility to include the funding of the nonprofit sector.

2. Restoring the common ground to tackle the scourge of fake news, misinformation and disinformation.

3. Uniting around a common vision that will provide the basis for the emerging post-industrial society.

See about for details.


The world's biggest corporations will be invited to support the campaign by joining Trruster as corporate members and the first five to respond will be given the status of Corporate Founding Members.

Based on the combined revenue of the Corporate Founding Members, approximately $5 billion will initially be made available for distribution to nonprofit organizations, globally.

It is estimated that there are over 10 million nonprofit organizations worldwide, employing millions of people and providing services to many millions more.

All these organizations will be eligible to benefit from the expansion of corporate responsibility to include the funding of the nonprofit sector and will begin to join Trruster, as well as encouraging their staff and supporters to do the same.

The growing Trruster membership will harness market forces to put pressure on the whole business sector to follow suit, including the China-owned corporations. This will grow the amount of funds available for distribution and encourage more nonprofits to join and support the concept.

It is expected that over time over US$1 trillion will be distributed to nonprofit organizations annually, under the supervision and oversight of the Archewell Foundation.


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be invited to be global ambassadors for The Great Reset AU and represent the evolution of the monarchy in the face of the enormous global challenges of a post-pandemic economy and a post-industrial society.


Some of the world's most recognizable and socially conscious celebrities will be invited to support the campaign through their social media presence and activity. Their support will be acknowledged and recognized with the status of Individual Founding Members.


The launch will be supported by a broad media campaign that will highlight the contribution of the five corporate Founding Members as "The Corporations That Stood Up When the World Was Down", narrated by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

For the Corporate Founding Members this initiative not only represents a significant marketing/PR opportunity it also offers an opportunity to shape the future with seat on the Board of Directors of the The Great Reset AU initiative.

For the Individual Founding Members this initiative represents an opportunity to leverage their fame and good fortune for the common good. Their contribution will also acknowledged through a similar broad media campaign.


The key results include:

  • Creating a new flow of capital into the global economy beyond private money, the credit market and government handouts to help stabilize the global economy during the pandemic.
  • Establishing the nonprofit sector as the key driver of economic growth in the post-pandemic economy and society.
  • Resolving trade and other disputes far more effectively than sanctions, embargoes and UN resolutions.
  • Ending the social and political divisions that threaten the very foundation of modern liberal democracies.
  • Strengthening democracy by giving people a greater say in how they are governed not just at election time but on an ongoing, issue-by-issue basis and on a global scale.


Following a broad agreement in principle from the key parties, the next step will be to approach the world's largest corporations (at the highest levels) with an invitation to support the campaign by becoming Corporate Founding Members of The Great Reset.