Universal Paywall Pass

Opportunities & threats

Universal Paywall Pass

The Universal Paywall Pass is more efficient gateway to paywalled publications than free articles or introductory pricing offers.

Universal Paywall Pass is here

Imagine a group of publishers got together and made an arrangement to share content as an added benefit to their loyal subscribers and as a way of getting new subscribers.

Which offer would you choose?

Subscribe with us and get just our content OR subscribe with us and also get access to content from X, Y and Z.

Take this idea to the Nth degree and you have the Universal Paywall Pass.

The opportunity

This is a unique opportunity for publishers behind paywalls to capture the traffic their paywalls are currently turning away including:

  • The casual visitors following a story.
  • Those who cannot afford multiple paywalls.
  • Those who are opposed to paywalls in principle
  • Those who are opposed to the editorial position or perceived bias of the publication.

All these visitors are now a potential source of new and ongoing revenue by simply expanding the subscription offer to include the content from other participating publishers as part of a group promotion through Trruster.

This makes the Universal Paywall Pass a far more efficient gateway to paywalled publications than free articles or introductory pricing offers.

How it works

For every visitor who follows that a Universal Paywall Pass link and subsequently joins Trruster as a Premium Member, the referring publisher gets 80% of the subscription fee ($4 per month) for the life of the membership.

Returning members can access publications by clicking on the Universal Paywall Pass link to verify membership and gain immediate access.

It is up to each publisher to decide the level of access and the features available to Universal Paywall Pass members. This could be x number of free articles and basic access to other premium features.

However, it is important to get this balance right because it will form the basis for attracting subscribers to the new media funding model based on corporate social responsibility.

In short,  publishers should be careful not to dud Universal Paywall Pass subscribers with too limited an offer.

The opportunity and the threat

The immediate opportunity is to build a new and ongoing revenue source by tapping into the market segment of consisting of the millions of people who are currently being turned away by paywalls.

The mid-term opportunity is to build a new range of premium subscription services to capitalize on this increased traffic of Universal Paywall Pass subscribers.

The longer-term opportunity is to do away with the hassle of paywalls altogether.

The threat is loss of current subscribers through inaction.

The key questions for publishers utilizing paywalls include:

  • Do we make this offer to our existing subscribers or ignore the threat that other publishers will capture our current subscribers with a Universal Paywall Pass offer?
  • How do we restructure our premium offers to take into account the Universal Paywall Pass?
  • How many of our current subscribers will be willing to pay a double subscription once they take up the Universal Paywall Pass offer?
  • How do we prepare for the possibility of a new media funding model based on corporate social responsibility?

More info

See our media release for more details.

Getting started

Getting started is as easy and fast. Just replace your free article and/or introductory pricing offers with the Universal Paywall Pass link.

Get started today and take advantage of our deeply discounted Group/Business subscription offer.